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Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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I have an Energi with Immuniti every single morning. If I get sidetracked and it sits on the counter waiting to be consumed, I soon realize I forgot it as I'm then dragging and not at all focused! LOVE this combination!! I do take Immunití alone every evening also for my auto immune issues to keep mind acuity going and stay better focused, and if it is an extended evening of meetings or mom taxi runs, Energi is added once again.
Maria W.


My husband John W had brown splotches on his ear (upper tip) edges from sun damage through the years. He started using the Míkla around his ears in May. I just noticed in November his ears aren't blotchy anymore. That's when he told me what he was doing for his ear skin health, putting Mikla on them after every shower. Man! ... If I had realized, I would have taken photos!!  So thankful for Mikla and Visi!!
Maria W.

I've lost 4 dress sizes, my white stretch marks have disappeared and my hair and nails have grown in thicker and stronger. - Lauren A. - Used The: Probita and Valla

Wanted to write a testimony now that I've been on Visi supplements for 90 days (my usual trial assessment window for products). I've been using Vara, Rensa, Lyfta, Probita and Energi.

I first talked with Debra R. about Lyfta because of grief-related depression due to the loss of my daughter 3 years ago on Valentine's Day. I also have SAD - so the months between December and March are always rough.

I was able to start the Lyfta right away - and I will say that I won't live without it now. Especially, won't live without it from November through April! It has made such a difference in boosting my energy, my sense of well-being, and I feel "lifted." It's like something turned on the "joy" button inside of me.

I have also been taking Vara (now improved and far advanced the Immunity). I had been sick about three times before starting to take it. Since starting on it, I have not been sick at all.

I give Rensa credit for balancing out IBS symptoms that have worsened the past 3 years. I had IBS-D - and the "D" has completely cleared up. I occasionally have some IBS symptoms or pain - but it's nothing like it used to be. And it's easily soothed with some fennel tea. I can't tell you how excited I am about this.

Lastly, I am in LOVE with Probita! I was having serious hair shedding for the past 5 years. It worsened when I lost my daughter - and the doctors could find no medical cause for it. I have always had very thick hair (thank goodness) - but I was concerned about it thinning greatly. I know some thinning is normal for menopause - but this was seriously abnormal. Since being on Probita (I chew 2-3 per day), the shedding has been cut in half if not more. Some showers, no shedding at all!!!!! My hair is in such great condition, my nails are so strong I have to file them every day, and most don't think I look 67 - so I think my skin is doing well, too!

I'm sorry for this long testimony - but I'm over the moon about the results!

I use Energi on the days I go to the gym or when I'm having to do some work that requires a mental boost. I've tried soooooo many supplements over the years - and this is the best all-around nutritional program I've found to date.
I'm sold!!! - Cheryl F.

For years struggled with weight loss.

In addition, my finances have not been adequate to help the financial requirements for weight loss purchases.
About 6 months prior to this story, my x-wife had gone to the cheap store (I call it) and bought 6 shirts for me at the extreme bargain range. Bargains they were for someone who was about ¼ my size. Then... My friend Sherry, I have known each other for about 6 years. Bless her heart, one day she just decided that she was going to get me on this weight loss pill so she gave me a bottle and I took a 30 day supply.

This weight loss pill has an appetite suppressant in it which is a fortunate part of weight loss. I made no changes on my own; however, changes took place that I had not noticed. It was about 15 days into the bottle that I noticed I was not so hungry anymore. My x-wife had noticed that food was lasting longer in the house and it baffled her.

So for example, I went from eating 2 boxes of Mac & Cheese with (3) 16 ounce glasses of milk to about ½ a box and less than 1 glass of milk. I simply could not eat that much anymore and I felt like I was going to explode if I did.

When I noticed this I purposely tried to eat that same amount again and I could not. I got to ¾ box of Mac & Cheese and my 2nd glass of milk and I thought I was going to lose it. The appetite suppressant was really working very well.

So I tried to keep track of this change more but quickly forgot and the end of the 30 days showed up and I took a look at my size and still was having trouble figuring this out.

So back to the 6 shirts my x-wife bought me. Without thinking I just grabbed one out of the dresser and put it on.
This is significant, the first time I tried these shirts on the hem of the bottom went to 2 inches below my belly button. After the 30 day supply of the Visi weight loss pills the length of the shirt was another 6 inches below my belly button for a total of 8 inches below.

That means that I had to have lost somewhere around 6 inches off my waist. That was just from 1 month supply (30 days) of Visi weight loss pills. And again, I made no changes myself.
- Bill G.

TruKETO - Probita - Immuniti - Arctic White Toothpaste - Misc. Experiences

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
VISI Global is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of VISI Global, but peoples personal experiences. 

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