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Most Frequently Asked Product Questions: By: Dr. Charlie Rouse, R.Ph.,N.M.D.

How does the ViSi Valla Weight Loss Work?

Mechanism of Action: Works intracellular by assisting the cell membrane to be most responsive to insulin in the burning of sugars. As the sugars are released into energy (metabolism) the body senses that fat storage is unnecessary.
As the fat is freely burned, beginning in the belly (visceral fat) region, the body then senses that lean body tissue would continue the energy supply and the vitality that the body loves to experience. As the metabolism is working its way through the fat burning process, the brain signals become more enlightened and appetite is sufficiently controlled. With the appetite under control and the fat being burned, the body starts rebuilding existing mitochondria (energy factories) as well as building new mitochondria.

Now the body experiences a feeling of invigoration -- better concentration, more whole sleep patterns, less hunger pangs or junk food / sugar desires. All this because of one simple improvement in the body's physiology called insulin sensitivity instead of insulin resistance. Is this product safe for diabetics? Each ingredient in the Visi weight loss product was specially chosen because of the outstanding record of healthiness and scientific research to back it up. A simple computer search using PubMed archives proves the point. Because each ingredient was classified safe and easily tolerated, as well as effective for appetite control, energy production and fat burning potential, the choices were then made as to how much of each ingredient would be needed to accomplish the weight loss goals.

How much “Water” should I drink?

It’s imperative to hydrate the body immediately. Not only will water eliminate toxins being released through the process of fat metabolism, it will hydrate the body and help eliminate constipation. One rule of thumb on how much water you need, take your total body weight, divide total in half, and that is how many ounces of water you need. (If you weigh 180, divided = is 90, you need 90 ounces of water each day)


Do you have other products to enhance weight loss? Yes!
We have a total “Immuniti” product to support the adrenal system and provide additional nutrients needed during weight loss.

For those who find it extremely hard to lose weight… would drinking Warm Water or taking a Digestive Enzyme help speed weight loss? What do you suggest?
Unfortunately, many people treat their cars better than their bodies. Hence there is a lot of detoxification and internal cleansing needed just to get things back to normal. For these cases the Digestive Enzyme is highly favored since they are experts at breaking fat, protein, and sugars down into much smaller and more useable sizes for energy and metabolism. As for the lukewarm water, most people will find it gagging and cause nausea. I have some friends who are medically inclined and practice their medicine in China. They only drink their water at "room temperature" -- never on a ice. They tell me it helps with the nutrient assimilation and ability of the body to absorb and utilize. To each his own. I prefer an iced cold drink -- after all, metabolism is going to be a tad "faster" when things are chilled. A little winter shiver should knock off an extra calorie or two.

Is it normal to reach a plateau after using ViSi Weight Loss for several months?
Plateaus do occur and that's when the liver needs to be pampered even more so. The new Visi Energi has Arctic Root and Schisandra to help the liver to detoxify faster and remove some of the unneeded 16-hydroxyestrogen that tends to get in the way of any good weight loss program. Bumping up the protein intake can also help the metabolically resistant people. More protein and less carbohydrates (especially wheat & corn carb). You may even need a good liver tonic -- something with herbal cleansing ability. I truly like the Scandinavian berry blend.

The Visi Energi will help to rebuild the energy factories of the cells called mitochondria. The more mitochondria we have the easier it is to stay lean and trim. In the "weight loss plateau" time there is a flattening out in the weight loss curve that can drag on from 2 weeks up to 6 weeks. Don't become frustrated and think that nothing good is happening. Quite the contrary, things are still working. During this plateau phase, the needed changes in your liver and metabolism are still happening. For example, it takes time to reduce insulin levels and improve insulin resistance; to remove the unhealthy fat from the liver, and turn the liver into an efficient fat burner, and not a fat storing organ; balance hormones.

If you do reach your ideal weight, do you recommend continued use, taking it every other day, or stop it?
Once ideal weight is reached a daily dose of Visi Immuniti is recommended to keep the immune system peaked and the memory sharp. The Visi Valla Weight Loss can then be taken 1 capsule every other morning or 1 every 3 days. The alternating doses will replenish the molecules the body is using up for metabolism and detoxification. It is certainly ok to take the pill every day on and on because it does not become resistant or dysfunctional with progression of time and it definitely not habit forming in any way.

Are all the Visi Products safe for our Organs/body?
Visi Products are all made with the principle of Natural Medicine that says "Do No Harm." The Scandinavian berry blend in each product is worth its weight in gold and helps to spiffy things up day by day. The nutrients are helping the brain cells, heart cells, liver cells, muscle cells, kidney cells, etc.

Can people with heart conditions or on heart medications take Visi?
The Visi Products that are designed to "Do No Harm" are NOT contraindicated with medical conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. If someone is hypersensitive to stimulants such as chocolates, teas, colas, and over-the-counter cold products, they aren't a good candidate for the Weight Loss. The other two products should be very smooth on their system. Actually, the Visi Immuniti is a whole food nutraceutical with plenty of healthiness in each pack.

Can Visi interfere with prescribed medications?
The pharmaceutical world has a plethora of drugs. So far I haven't found any Rx medications that would interfere or cause a problem in the presence of the Scandinavian berry products. We have many people who are on blood pressure pills, diabetic medication, seizure meds, nerve meds, antibiotics, thyroid medications, etc that have done very well with the Visi products.

Can Visi Weight Loss Interfere with people with Hyperthyroidism or on Thyroid medicine?
As the side effects to that is…heart beating faster. People with hypo-thyrodism (slow, sluggish thyroid) that take medication such as Synthroid, levothyroxine, thyroid extract will do fine with the Visi products.
People with a hyper-thyroid are having trouble with their immune system. Hyperthyroid is an auto-immune problem (Graves' disease) in which the thyroid hormones are too high and the body is attacking itself because their antibodies have turned against their thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Their clinical symptoms are racing heartbeat, tremors, irritability, palpitations, and nervousness. Therefore they would not do good at all with any nutraceutical that can increase these problems (such as Visi Valla Weight Loss or Visi Energi). The hyper-thyroid patient would do very well with the Visi Immuniti as it augments, modulates and regulates their over-reactive thyroid. Usually someone with hyper T is not having trouble with weight gain, but has the opposite problem weight loss.

Can you take it while Pregnant or breast feeding?
The Visi Immuniti can be taken during the pregnancy; but the Visi Valla Weight Loss and Visi Energi are not designed for pregnant women.
Breastfeeding is ”OK” with any of the three products. As with any food product, if the nutraceutical causes the breast milk to reduce production or if the baby gets colic, simply stopping it should allow the body system to return back to normal right away. In most cases the milk should flow and the baby shouldn't get colicky from the Scandinavian products.

Is it safe enough for children to take it and at what age can they start?
The Visi Immuniti is safe for children of any age. Dosing is according to size and weight -- 1/4 to 1/2 to 3/4 packet per day. Visi Valla Weight Loss and Visi Energi are not designed for children. Most young adults have a fully functional liver about the age of 18.

Are Phyto-Estrogens in the product?
There are no phytoestrogens in the products. Actually the products should exert an anti-estrogenic effect and create protective effects against breast cancer. Even ladies who have had breast surgery and are on Rx medications such as Tamoxifen for breast-cancer prevention will do fine with the Visi products.
These products do not precipitate or cause 16-hydroxyestrogen that happens to be the hormone culprit in cancers. The products should help prevent hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and other pituitary hormone issues. The whole foods in the products are extremely safe and are not cancer causing or cancer stimulating in any shape, fashion or form. By the way, phyto-estrogens have not been associated with the side effects that synthetic and natural estrogens may cause. In fact, epidemiolgical data and experimental studies have demonstrated the phyto-estrogens to be extremely effective in inhibiting breast tumors. The lutein in the Immuniti and the broccoli in the Energi are powerful anti-cancer nutrition's.


Can people taking Tamoxifen also take Visi Valla Weight loss & Visi’s other products?
Visi products are not contraindicated in patients on Tamoxifen -- post-breast-cancer treatment. The products "do no harm."

Can ViSi products (Valla Weight Loss, Immuniti, Energi) reduce the effects of the tamoxifen or add more estrogen in the body?
The Visi products will not interfere nor reduce the pharmaceutical mechanisms of the Tamoxifen and similar Rx medications. Tamoxifen is classified as an antiestrogen and is associated with a myriad of side-effects (vision problems, bone problems, liver problems, blood platelet problems). These side effects are caused because the drug is depleting essential and necessary nutrients such as pyridoxine, boron, magnesium, folic acid, etc. Therefore, supplementing with a whole food nutraceutical such as Visi Immuniti could save the patient a lot of misery down the road.

Can you take ViSi products during Chemo, as most Oncologist do not like people on high doses of Anti-Oxidants.
Visi products will be fine with chemo, as it is whole foods. Unless the doctor tells the patient not to eat fruits and vegetables, the nutraceuticals are complimentary to the body systems and will provide needed energy to the cells, immune system protection (especially in stopping metastasis or spread of cancer). Hippocrates said it well when it he wrote, "Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food." The importance of plant-based diet is far too misunderstood these days. When the colon is healthy and the blood is pure, the immune system can then do its "thing" much more effectively.

What explanation would you give for someone experiencing feelings of light headed, dizziness, nausea?
Light headed, spacey-feeling, dizziness, nauseous: These are common symptoms of reactive hypoglycemia. There blood sugars are dropping too fast. It is likely these people are border line diabetics experiencing impaired glucose tolerance. The solution usually lies in increasing their fiber & protein intake. Another factor common in these symptoms is hypothyroidism. The Visi Energi and Visi Immuniti are the complimentary nutrition's. If the symptoms do not abate, then these people are not good candidates for weight loss nutrition.

What explanation would you give for someone experiencing heart palpitations?
There are many different types of cardiac arrhythmias which vary in severity, from benign, to life-threatening. Most improve with dietary modifications and nutritional supplements.

Most commonly is called paroxysmal tachycardia (too fast heart beat), ventricular premature beat (beating out of sync and rhythm, and atrial fibrillation (thump-a-bump). They are commonly caused by sensitivity to foods or environmental chemicals. For some, small amounts of caffeine create the flutter. For others, alcoholic beverages such as wine sets them off (this is because they are extremely low in magnesium and selenium). For some, its food additives such as MSG (mono sodium glutamate)from a Chinese restaurant or aspartame from a diet soda. People with these symptoms are usually in need of supplementing with extra MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM, SELENIUM, COPPER, VITAMIN C, AND VITAMIN D3. The dose for D3 is 35 units for every 1 pound of body weight.

The other heart necessary nutrient is an omega-3 such as in flaxseed or salmon. Anyhow, the Visi Wellness provides the plethora of necessary fundamental building blocks including the Mg, Se, K, Cu, C, D. Therefore, if someone is well supplemented and still having caffeine or chemical sensitivities, it is best to alleviate and curtail the products or things that exacerbate the issue.


What explanation would you have for dry mouth?
One of the most common causes of dry mouth is chemistry. Things such as aspartame in diet sodas is a major culprit. Yes, all diet pills will turn the spigot down a tad and this can create dryness in those who are extremely deficient in omega-3s. Another creator of dry mouth is an autoimmune problem called Sjogrenes. Some solutions to dry mouth include "sipping" fluids all throughout the day and chewing gum that contains a natural sweetener called Xylitol (made from a birch tree).

Xylitol is very soothing and enabling for those who suffer with dry mouth. If the dryness is also carrying into the eyes, the nutraceutical called FORSKOLIN 10% at 100mg twice a day will increase the cyclic-AMP of the body and aggressively go at the root cause of dryness. But without omega-3 and sufficient hydration, some people are destine to be dryer. For those suffering with the severity of extreme dryness as in Sjogrenes I would recommend an Omega-7 known as Sea Buckthorn Oil. Sometime we have to read the body like a book to discover the root cause or underlying issues.

What explanation would you have for someone who feels fatigued or tired?
When a metabolic nutrition is doing its thing and the body feels tired the issue is adrenal. The Visi Energi with Arctic Root can spiffy up the weak adrenals in a few weeks time. Adrenals have a huge impact on mental and physical health -- more so than any other organ or gland. If someone has crying spells, negative moods, unfounded fears, cravings for salt, or exhaustion, the adrenals are to be suspect. Some other adrenal symptoms include the following: Swollen ankles, especially in the P.M.; allergies; dizziness; brown spots or bronzing on the shins; hives, etc.

The diet will best be served by going LOW carbohydrate with an emphasis on proteins and high quality fats. Sodium in this case is a critical factor and should NOT be avoided (Celtic sea salt preferred). Premenstrual tension is a classic example of adrenal insufficiency. Usually fixing the adrenals allows the person to enjoy the weight loss benefits of Visi Valla Weight Loss without being tired. Others who are fatigued or tired on a diet could be suffering from insulin resistance. When the sugars are not being properly metabolized, the brain responds with a sleepy spell after eating a meal.


What should I use if I have trouble with constipation?

This is a sign that you need to increase your water intake. Powdered Vitamin C added to juice or water in the morning or at bedtime is great for relieving constipation.

How important is it to take the ViSi Immuniti product?

The outstanding unique qualities of the Visi Valla Weight Loss capsules include the Scandinavian berry blend as well as the rice tea leaf extract. The synergy that is released in the product sets it apart from other weight loss products. As time goes by the effectiveness of the product will become even more pronounced with the berry blend repairing and detoxifying on a daily basis, the fat burners will have a much easier time.

Can I take the ViSi Energi Product at the same time?

While taking the ViSi Valla Weight Loss & Energi together, we recommend taking 5 or more hours apart if you need additional energy support.

Will the ViSi Valla Weight Loss irritate my stomach?

If you have a sensitive stomach and find taking any supplements on an empty stomach causes irritation to your stomach, then take your supplements with food. Take 15 - 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch. The earlier in the day you take the weight loss pill, the more benefit you get throughout the day.


What diet recommendations will accelerate weight loss?

Diets that hinder weight loss include eating foods with a high glycemic index or high glycemic load. Being very limited in the use of any foods with refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup, wheat (including whole wheat) as well as corn products. When sugar is elevated in the blood and insulin is working overtime to resolve the sugar issues, the insulin becomes a massive fat storage hormone.


How soon before I'll see results?

Many people begin to see results within the first 24 hours, especially appetite decrease, increase in mood, mental clarity, and energy. We recommend taking your measurements and weighing to track your results. Use the ViSi Valla Weight Loss until you reach your desired weight. Then use as needed to maintain or if you see yourself getting out of control or back to your old habits of eating too much or eating the wrong foods.

Is it approved by the FDA?

The FDA doesn’t approve or disapprove nutritional supplements. All ingredients in the ViSi Valla Weight Loss product are included on the FDA’s “G.R.A.S. List” [Generally Recognized As Safe].

What if I am taking other medications?

The Visi Valla Weight Loss product was developed with those, who are overweight, in mind. Because being overweight potentiates higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol and triglyceride levels, higher blood sugar levels, higher liver enzymes, and fattier livers, the original formulation was with these people in mind. Yes the product may be used by those on blood pressure pills, diabetic medications, cholesterol lowering drugs, and even those with elevated liver enzymes.

Our products are made with pure natural ingredients for trusted results. The quality control standards and good manufacturing practices used by Visi to assure a clean, pure and efficacious product. No synthetics. I rate the Visi products to be excellent, effective and well-tolerated versus some "other" companies' products that are inferior and poorly absorbed.


Dr. Charles Rouse, R.PH.,N.M.D.


These are my opinions based on my knowledge, experience, research, and training as to the safety, effectiveness, and accuracy of information concerning the mentioned nutritional questions. These recommendations have not been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this writing. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

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